The Attic: A Haven for Writers

Hawthorne Blvd.

Founded in 1999, the Attic is widely regarded as a literary gem–a place that encourages & develops your talent, helps you focus on your writing, & invites you into the camaraderie & community of other writers.

The heart of the Attic is the workshop: small, supportive, innovative, & intensive. Students receive generous attention, geared to their present & future writing. In addition to the workshops, the Attic is the home of Poetry Northwest, one of the nation’s most storied literary magazines.

With two large windows overlooking bustling Hawthorne Boulevard, the studio is a place for students to gather in armchairs (surrounded by books) and settle into talking about your writing and the writing process.

Together, Hawthorne Boulevard and the Attic make for an oasis for writers. Often students meet before workshop for an espresso at Common Grounds, or afterwards, at the dessert & wine bar at the Sapphire Hotel. Powell’s used bookstore, Bread & Ink Cafe, vintage clothing shops, & the Baghdad are all within walking distance of the studio.

Each year around 300 writers participate in classes that become the nexus for a vibrant community, where writers have developed literary friendships, seeded collaborations, writing groups, & magazine start-ups. Students have signed with publishers and agents, been accepted into residencies and graduate programs, embarked on literary businesses of their own, & simply become more connected to good writing and reading. We can’t guarantee the whole gamut for everyone, but we can guarantee a personal focus on your development as a writer, as well as the crafting of individual pieces.

Whatever stage you are at (whether you’re a beginning writer seeking a nurturing environment or an advanced writer who requires technical & publication ideas), you can replenish yourself at the Attic’s well. If nothing else, you’ll get a comfortable chair, as well as the shared community of other writers who meet in a common pursuit: the enrichment of one’s writing, talent, and craft.



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