Praise for David’s Books

“Biespiel is a true poetic innovator.”
— The Portland Mercury

“Biespiel has a gift for transformation. He can make a command sound like an incantation. He can create psalm-like beauty from the repetition of a simple phrase. One must note the instances of raw brilliance.”
— Chelsea

“Biespiel’s best poems in this untraditional vein are the ones with the clearest connection to lyric poetry.”
— David Orr, Poetry

“. . . writes with a belief in the redemptive powers of poetry.”
— Choice

“Biespiel’s debut collection is sustained by a search for transcendent, intuitive truths.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“David Biespiel’s energetic language, so varied and musical and precise, is quite unmatched by that of other contemporary poets.”

“Language is central to Biespiel’s poetry. There’s a sonic quality to the poems when you read them out loud. His poems sing. They moan. They stutter.”
— The Jewish Herald Voice

“Wild Civility treats the drug induced and the mythically historic on equal terms . . . smart counterpoints to Biespiel’s reinvented sonnets.”
— Rain Taxi Review of Books

“There are heaps of new books: novels, collections of poems—the most interesting right now is Wild Civility”
— Christianity Today

“The poems in David Biespiel’s debut collection, Shattering Air, are poems of quiet grandeur and nobility [that] bring to mind an out-of-the-self Keatsian sensibility.”
— A. V. Christie, The Journal